Enchanted Sex Magic


Your Dark Goddesses are here, Goddess Zenova and Goddess Miss Poison.That’s right here we are putting our thoughts directly into your mind now. We can feel your need, your need for us to be so DEEP inside your mind. The time has come for you to surrender, to become our Mindless Drone. My words will work their way so DEEP inside you, DEEPER than ever before. Back into those dark places where you keep your deepest darkest fantasies. Penetrating to places so DEEP that even when you’re done listening to Me we will still be so DEEP inside you. You will surrender completely to become our Mindless Drone. Thats right, you will surrender.

We will completely put you under our SEX MAGIC spell and reprogram you to be our Mindless Drone. No need to worry or resist you will enjoy every second for We shall fill you up with the most amazing pleasure imaginable. We will guide you to the most amazing orgasm you have ever had. All while watching us touch each other and Goddess Poison fuck herself with a toy and you get to see it close up! We wake you to a trigger that has you stroking and cumming uncontrollably. After you cum you will instantly be back out super DEEP and there’s no count up at the end so make sure you’re somewhere comfortable while you watch because you will cum yourself and be out awhile to fully enjoy our bliss. Once you cum for us you will be ours forever!

Video includes- *full nudity and close up shots of toy fucking *post suggestions *audio and visual triggers *JOI *visual trigger for stroking and cumming *long induction with deepeners *dark witch fantasy theme with 2 witches *layers of sound including brainwave entrainment, multi voice, subliminal messages, ASMR whispers and dark music all designed to take you DEEP (fantasy theme but very REAL! Wear headphones for most effect)
46 minutes


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